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We Need Stories of Dystopia Without Apocalypse:Climate Change and the Human Imagination

Electric Literature (Summer 2017)

At this moment, we need stories that make the realities of climate change concrete and pervasive and of human origin, as well as viscerally emotional when it comes to the struggles of our descendants. We need stories of dystopia, but not apocalypse.

25 Questions to Ask Students at the MFA Program that Just Accepted You

McSweeney's Internet Tendency (Spring 2017)

If your writing practice called for only writing while drinking single-origin coffee and casting your sad eyes over a waterfall that no longer powers a mill, could you make that work in your town?

A Lamentation of Swans

Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal (Summer 2016)

Nominated for the PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers

‘What is lamentation?’ they ask her, and then, ‘What are swans?’

‘Lamentation means crying,’ she tells them. ‘Swans—swans were white and had long necks and orange beaks. No, they didn’t cry, they didn’t sing much except supposedly right when they—please just copy down the letters. Remember with cursive to go back and cross the ts.’

A Head Start That Lasts a Lifetime

Exchange Magazine (2012-2016)

Emmalie contributed articles on Head Start and early childhood education to Exchange Magazine for more than four years. Search by author to find her work.